WaterTower Music, Warner Bros.' in-house music label, was launched in January 2010 as a reimagining and rebranding of New Line Records to create music assets as diverse as the films, television shows and interactive games they support.

Housed on the Burbank lot, in the offices occupied by Warner Bros. Records during its heyday in the 1960s, the WaterTower Music team works to discover the most compelling music possible to broaden consumers' awareness of a brand or project on a visceral level. They believe the right music can engage a consumer's imagination in an entirely different way than a commercial or billboard. A truly successful soundtrack is one that inspires fans to invest both in the music itself and in the film, television or interactive content on which it's based.

Each project requires involvement, creative input and collaboration between music supervisors, composers, directors, producers, musicians and the WaterTower team. Being located on the lot in Burbank allows the team to easily and efficiently communicate with colleagues across any Warner Bros. division.

From comedies to dramas, action adventures and everything in between, the talented and resourceful team at WaterTower Music helps make sure that Warner Bros.' projects sound as good as they look.