Wrath Of The Titans: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Release Date: Tuesday March 27th, 2012
  1. Wrath Of The Titans
  2. Humans Stopped Praying
  3. Zeus In The Underworld
  4. Attack Of The Chimera
  5. Son of Zeus
  6. Pegasus
  7. Andromeda
  8. Cyclops
  9. The Orb
  10. Ares Fights
  11. Perseus In The Labyrinth
  12. Escape From Tartarus
  13. To The Battle
  14. Brother Ares
  15. Zeus Leaves
  16. Kronos Megalos (Remix)

Wrath Of The Titans Humans Stopped Praying Zeus In The Underworld Attack Of The Chimera Son of Zeus Pegasus Andromeda Cyclops The Orb Ares Fights Perseus In The Labyrinth Escape From Tartarus To The Battle Brother Ares Zeus Leaves Kronos Megalos (Remix)