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Hello everyone! On today’s installment of Katie’s Corner, we will be reviewing all four of the new DC television soundtracks. In celebration of the new Justice League soundtrack that’s just been, released, we are taking on all 4 of these soundtracks at once. Don’t worry, Justice League is next up on my list to review! These 4 DC TV soundtracks are composed by Blake Neely. If you are unfamiliar with the name don’t worry; I’ll give you the run down. Blake is an incredible composer well known in the worlds of television and film. If you’ve seen any of the DC superhero shows then you already know his work. Heroes aren’t his only style though, he’s also done shows like The Mentalist, Blindspot, and most recently Riverdale. On the film side he’s done titles like The Wedding Date, The Case Against 8, and Newtown. Since this blog is a little different, I’ll be going soundtrack by soundtrack and picking 3 tracks from each. You can check out all the soundtracks here and make sure you find us on Twitter at @watertowermusic. Tweet me your favorite tracks from these albums or tweet a suggestion for the next WaterTower soundtrack you want me to review! Also make sure you follow us on our new Katie’s Corner Spotify playlist here, where you can listen to every track I review! Let’s jump into the music.

Supergirl: Season 2

1. Famous Cousins Working Together

First up for Supergirl Season 2 is the track Famous Cousins Working Together. This track is a great combination of both Supergirl’s and Superman’s themes. It’s a fun and exciting track that inspires as much hope as the heroes themselves.

2. Fighting Superman

My next pick is Fighting Superman. As soon as I listened to this track there was no question that it was making my list. This track has a powerful beginning and it’s action-packed from start to end. The Supergirl theme is by far my favorite from all four DC shows so it’s nice to hear it used in different ways throughout the soundtrack.

3. I Am So Proud of You

Last but not least is the track I Am So Proud of You. This track will hit you right in the feelings. The beginning is heartachingly somber, yet as the track goes on the tone changes into something more hopeful. This piece is beautiful, captivating, and leaves me wanting to hear it again.

Arrow: Season 5

1. Penance

First up on the list for Season 5 of Arrow is the track Penance. This track is a total hidden gem in the soundtrack and if you’re not paying attention it’s easy to miss. The beginning of the track is mellow and not particularly attention grabbing. But if you're patient, 1 minute and 20 seconds in the energy is kicked up to full. I like the juxtaposition between the solemn beginning and the explosive peak found in the middle. Make sure this track doesn’t slip under your radar.

2. Invasion of Old Enemies and Friends

Next up is Invasion of Old Enemies and Friends. This track hits the ground running right from the beginning with an energetic start. There are so many reasons to love the crossover episodes but one of my favorites is the incredible tracks that come out of them. If you’re paying attention you can hear so many incredible themes woven perfectly together throughout the track. To put it simply, it sounds awesome.

3. Goodbye Laurel / Leaving the Hallucination

My last pick for Season 5 of Arrow is Goodbye Laurel / Leaving the Hallucination. This track is packed with so much emotion and passion. There’s no doubt these sweeping strings will have you searching for a tissue.

The Flash: Season 3

1. The Real Savitar

Next, we are jumping right into Season 3 of The Flash with The Real Savitar. This track has a great build to it; I especially like the use of the chorus at the end pushing the intensity of the track even further.

2. Traded Places

This next track Traded Places is multifaceted. First, you get the pleasure of experiencing this beautiful and touching string piece that seamlessly morphs into something intense and foreboding. After that, you're shifted back to another emotional moment. This track will take you on a journey so make sure you check it out.

3. Barry’s Sacrifice

My last pick for The Flash is the last track on the soundtrack, Barry’s Sacrifice. This track has everything I’ve ever wanted out of an epic season finale piece. The melodic beginning, the strings falling away leaving a short and touching piano piece, the quick tone change as things become epically intense, and then, of course, the explosive finale.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2

1. Meeting the Justice Society of America

One thing I feel the need to shine a light on is Blake’s ability to create an incredibly unique identity for each project. Even though he is simultaneously composing for 4 superhero shows each soundtrack is so different from one another. Arrow is incredibly dark and epic while the Legends of Tomorrow soundtrack is bright, electric, and futuristic thanks to the heavy use of the synth. This track Meeting the Justice Society of America makes a strong statement about its identity with a high energy synth entrance 50 seconds in. Make sure you check it out!

2. The Worst of Humanity

My second pick for our Legends is The Worst of Humanity. This track has serious emotional weight to it; right from the beginning, you know it’s not a light-hearted listen. The tempo is slow, and the piano comes in at some of the quietest moments, yet has an incredible impact.

3. Invasion

My last pick of today’s installment of Katie’s Corner is Invasion. I’ve said it before and I’ll gladly say it again, I love crossover episodes. Getting a chance to see all your favorite heroes teaming up while simultaneously hearing their awesome themes coming together to make amazing tracks -- I’m getting emotional just thinking about it now. This track is packed with energy and the legends’ signature futuristic tone. The middle of this track will blow your mind. 

Hello everyone, today we are covering the brand new IT soundtrack. I caught a screening of IT a few weeks ago, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I should tell you that I pulled 6 muscles and died exactly 674,001 times while watching the film. I thought I had enough psychological trauma from clowns to last a lifetime but apparently, I needed a little more. If you like having the absolute snot scared out of you, then this film is for you. I really like this film because it’s so much more than your standard horror flick. It has a lot of strong characters, a great script, a compelling story, and unexpected comedy. When you go to see the film I recommend bringing a buddy along with you because it’s a scary one, so good luck.
This new IT soundtrack is brought to us by the same man that recently brought us Annabelle: Creation and worked with Hans Zimmer on Dunkirk, Benjamin Wallfisch. If you thought that the Annabelle: Creation soundtrack was scary then buckle up because Benjamin Wallfisch pushed this score even further. Much like the film, the soundtrack is incredibly diverse. Of course, it has plenty of scary tracks that will scare the life out of you but it also has some deeply disturbing, gruesome, and even incredibly beautiful tracks so the listener gets a little bit of everything. This time I have chosen 5 of my favorite tracks and listed them below as they appear on the album. You can check out the full soundtrack here and make sure you find us on Twitter at @watertowermusic and tweet us your favorite tracks from the album!

1. Every 27 Years

My first track for this edition of Katie’s Corner is this first on the soundtrack titled Every 27 Years. This track does an incredible job of setting the tone for the film, starting with the very disturbing rendition of the nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons and then moving on to the piano piece that has hints of both mystery and curiosity.

2. Egg Boy

Next up is Egg Boy, and let me begin by saying the 45 seconds of this track are something straight out of a nightmare. The cute song they are singing takes a turn for the worst really quickly. This song really works on your nerves, using your anticipation against you. It builds it higher and higher with very quiet strings until it really lets loose at the end of the track. The anticipation is definitely worth it so make sure you check it out.

3. Beverly
My next pick is the track Beverly and I think it may be the most underrated track on the album. This track is absolutely stunning with its beautiful simplicity. It shows us a small window of true happiness and hope within the film, which is a refreshing change of pace. It may not be a horror powerhouse like the other tracks, but it definitely deserves its place on the list.

4. Come Join the Clown, Eds

Come Join the Clown, Eds is my next pick and it an intense one. Between the chanting, screaming and the strings this track has a lot going on in a short amount of time. The very end of the track will have you holding your breath in anticipation.

5. Slideshow

My last pick is Slideshow and if you’ve seen the film then you already know this track is crazy. What starts off slow and quietly quickly changes pace with a racing tempo, beating drums and scratching strings. The end of the track is a cacophony of sounds that will leave you mind boggled and speechless.

Hello everyone! This week we are going to be talking about the new Game of Thrones soundtrack. Before we jump into talking about the music I need to come clean about something… I do not watch Game of Thornes. In my defense it’s not due to lack of interest but simply because I am already in relationships with multiple TV series right now and I can’t handle the time commitment of adding another one. Anyways, now that my secret is out let’s move on. Like millions around the world, I know a lot of you are mourning the loss of your beloved Game of Thrones nights, and let me just say I’m sorry for your loss. But don’t worry because the soundtrack is here to bring all of those incredible memories of season 7 right back to you.
Let’s begin with Ramin Djawadi who is back with another amazing soundtrack for us. If you aren’t familiar with his work on all 6 previous seasons of Game of Thrones you might have also heard it in shows like Westworld, video games like Gears of War 4, and films like Pacific Rim. This album is remarkable and has so much to offer the listener with a nice variety of tracks. One thing I really like about this album is that you don’t have to be a viewer of the show to feel like you can appreciate the soundtrack. These tracks stand strong on their own as beautiful and powerful pieces of music and watching the show only enhances your listening experience further. This time I chose 6 tracks and listed them below as they appear on the album. You can check out the full soundtrack here and make sure you find us on Twitter at @watertowermusic and tweet us your favorite tracks from the album!

1. Dragonstone

First up on my list is the track Dragonstone. This track has a great mixture of strong pieces and softer beautiful pieces that flow back and forth nicely. I especially like how peacefully the track ends, check out the last minute of the track to hear it for yourself.

2. I Am the Storm

My next pick is I Am the Storm and this song is 6 minutes and 25 seconds of awesome. It may be one of the longest tracks on the album but don’t let that deter you, it is definitely worth a listen. With the rising pitch and the racing drums, the first minute and a half of the track are pure intensity. Although it changes tempo, the rest of the track is just as powerful as the beginning.

3. The Spoils of War, Pt. 1

My third pick on the album is The Spoils of War, Pt. 1. This track is incredibly intense as well but there is one element in it that takes it to the next level. The use of the chorus in this track is absolutely amazing. They have the ability to raise the stakes, the intensity, and the passion of an already powerful track.

4. Home

This next track Home is my favorite track on the album, which with an album as great as this means a lot. To put it as plainly as I can, this track is gorgeous. It truly is just strikingly beautiful, there are no incredible drums or dramatic strings but everything simply works so well together on this track. Make sure you check it out.

5. Truth

Next up on my list is Truth, and I have to say this is a powerful piece. Not powerful with aggression but with emotion, the strings create an incredible impact as they build throughout the track. I love how they come together in the last 45 seconds of the track for a great ending.

6. Winter Is Here

In my final pick Winter Is Here, the chorus is back and creating even more magic on this track than the last. First I really like the nod to The Main Titles in the opening chords and in the last minute of the track we see the chorus come in and recreate the beginning of the track. This last minute of the track is beautiful, haunting, and leaves you wanting more. 

Hello everyone this week I am going to be discussing our brand new soundtrack, Annabelle: Creation. Since this is a new release I won’t dive into the plot in order to avoid major spoilers. Horror film scores are a species all on their own and are monumental parts of their movies, driving viewer’s anxiety through the roof and sending them jumping out of their skin. Annabelle: Creation is no exception, to put it simply this soundtrack is scary. It’s no secret that Benjamin Wallfisch is incredible at creating anxiety and chaos, one look at his work on the Dunkirk soundtrack with Hans Zimmer will remind you of just how good he is. I listened to Annabelle: Creation in the middle of the day, in sunny LA with all of the blinds pulled open in my office and it still had me jumping out of my desk chair. This soundtrack evolves as it progresses and has so many layers to it which makes listening to it a true experience. For any newcomers to the horror soundtrack genre I suggest a similar approach but, if you really want to immerse yourself within this soundtrack then turn the volume up and the lights off. For this soundtrack I have chosen my top five favorite tracks and listed them below as they appear on the album. You can check out the full soundtrack here  and make sure you find us on Twitter at @watertowermusic and tweet us your favorite tracks from the album!

1. Creation

The first track on my list is the first track that appears on the soundtrack and it’s titled Creation. I chose this track because I really like the mysterious and almost beautiful start that it has. After that, you’ll hear it slowly shift into a more eerie vibe and then towards the end of the track it shifts again, but this time much more dramatically.

2. Your Soul

This next track Your Soul is one of my favorites on the soundtrack because it is scary as hell. This track is so dynamic it will have your heart pounding within seconds. The calmer moments in the track are tense and filled with “oh god oh god oh god” inner monologues that horror fanatics and thrill seekers live for. Make sure you hold onto your seat for this one.

3. The Possession

My next pick is titled The Possession and this track is great for two reasons. It’s so explosive and it uses your own anticipation against you. Don’t let those moments of quiet fool you they are not a cue to relax.

4. Demonquake

Demonquake made it on my list because it is one of the most intense tracks on the soundtrack. Between the racing tempos and cacophony of strings, your anxiety will definitely creep up on you. Make sure you check out the final minute of this track because its intensity reaches a whole new level, you won’t want to miss it.

5. You Are My Sunshine

My last pick is You Are My Sunshine performed by Charles McDonald. For some of you, this might seem like a strange choice when looking at the rest of the soundtrack, but I do really like this track. First, I like this version which was recorded specifically for the film and I like how it’s used in the film as well. I think it does a great job at setting a time period for the film and it’s also used in some other creative ways throughout the film. 

Hello everyone this week we are going to be talking about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword that came out earlier this summer. This score has very quickly made it onto my favorites list and I’m sure at least a few of these tracks will make it on yours too. Daniel Pemberton went to incredible lengths to ensure that this score was unbelievably intense and unique. There is a huge array of medieval instruments adding an aspect of authenticity to the score including something called a Hurdy Gurdy. Yes, that is its real name and yes it is as cool as its name suggests. Daniel Pemberton also wanted to add a very physical aspect to the score using the human body as its own instrument. Within the tracks you can hear screaming, also rhythmic breathing, and even slapping noises. To learn more about Daniel’s creation process of the score check out this behind the scenes video https://youtu.be/0eIcwbeMhlM . Because I like this album so much I couldn’t cut my list to just five this time, so I’ve allowed one extra track to join the favorites list. Make sure you check out the full soundtrack here and make sure to find us on Twitter at @watertowermusic and tweet us your favorite tracks from the album!


1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
My first track on the list is King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. This track has made it on my list because it captures all of the different tones found in the soundtrack and expertly puts them together. I also appreciate how powerfully the horns are used in this track, they truly make a significant impact. 

2. Seasoned Oak

I chose this next track because I really like its unique rhythm. It’s upbeat and fun which sets it apart from a lot of the more intense tracks on the album.

3. The Politics & The Life

Although it begins quietly this next track builds to such a powerful beginning and does a great job of creating the foreboding uneasy mood. The vocals in the track sound great and (although I don’t know what she’s saying) they sound as though they fit perfectly with the world of the film.

4. Assassins Breath

This next track is one of my favorites simply because of how unique and organic it is. This track uses the human breath and body as its main instrument and it sounds amazing. While listening you’ll hear rhythmic breathing, face slapping, metal coins, and a multitude of other incredibly organic noises. This track is so impressive, make sure you keep an eye out for the dramatic finish!

5. Run Londinium

If I had to pick a favorite track on this album, Run Londinium would definitely be my choice. This track is extraordinarily intense and upbeat if you haven’t already you should add it to your gym playlist immediately. This is another example of where you’ll hear the human breath becoming its own instrument, not only with rhythmic breathing but also with screaming. Make sure you check out the final minute of this song because it is wild.

6.The Devil & The Huntsman

My last pick for today is The Devil & The Huntsman and this track is awesome. There’s no other way to say it, the lyrics are powerful, the vocals are incredible, and the instrumental composition alongside those two brings the whole thing together. 


On this edition of Katie’s Corner, we are going to be talking about the brand new Dunkirk soundtrack. For those of you that haven’t gotten a chance to see it yet don’t worry, there will be no plot spoilers ahead. Dunkirk is based on the true story of the battle of Dunkirk that took place during World War II. In this battle over 400,000 English and French troops were pinned down between the Nazi forces and the sea. The famous story that surrounds the battle of Dunkirk is not about the fighting itself, but rather the incredible rescue of the trapped soldiers.

This soundtrack is composed by Hans Zimmer and delivers a spectacular listening experience. It’s everything that the film is, it’s exhilarating, haunting, and emotional. Thanks to the incredible team work between Christopher Nolan and Hans the film and the score pair perfectly. Per usual I have chosen my favorite five tracks from the album. Check out the full soundtrack here  and make sure to find us on Twitter and tweet us your favorite tracks from the album! 

1. The Mole

The first track on my list is The Mole. This track is the first on the album and also the first track to introduce us to the very present and incredibly haunting ticking noise found throughout the entire soundtrack. Christopher Nolan describes the story as a race against the clock and a race against the battle, hence the ticking noise. While some tracks incorporate the noise into the background this one features it front and center and I love it. It’s nerve racking and exhilarating, especially when the rest of the orchestra swells along with it.

2. Supermarine

My second pick from the album is titled Supermarine. From the very beginning, this track has an incredibly fast and rhythmic tempo. Within that there are these deep bass notes that sweep in and out reinforcing the intense apprehensive sense that the rhythm creates. All of the pieces of this track combine together to create a spectacularly powerful ending, so make sure you check it out!

3. Home

My third choice is titled Home and I really like this track for two main reasons. First I love how powerful the beginning is. Unlike other tracks that start slowly and build this track really hits the ground running. Second, right about half way through the track you’ll notice an enormous swell in the orchestra causing a noticeable shift in pace. That would be a stunning version of the song Nimrod by Sir Edward Elgar. Although to many of us around the world it may simply seem like another piece of a score it’s actually an incredibly important song to England and has been adopted as an unofficial anthem of the nation. Christopher Nolan himself called it a “monumental theme” and he was not wrong, it’s powerful and moving. Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch’s use of Nimrod in this track is absolutely incredible.

4. The Oil

The next track on my list is titled The Oli. This track has a great build, it starts incredibly slow with that siren like rhythm repeating quietly. About half way through the track is where the tempo really starts to pick up and the intensity grows, and the last minute of the track is the dramatic climax that the tempo has been working up to.

5. End Titles

My last pick End Titles is one of my favorite tracks on the album. I think it does a beautiful job of taking every theme and emotion within the soundtrack and bringing them together into one track. It has moments where it’s uplifting and moving and others where we are shifted back into the exhilarating and apprehensive race against the clock.


Hi my name is Katie and I work here at WaterTower Music on the Warner Bros lot. Throughout the summer I am going through our newest scores and soundtracks to give you an inside look at some of my favorite tracks, artists, and composers. This blog will have info for every type of music lover. For our newcomers it is a great way to introduce yourselves to the world of scores and soundtracks without getting overwhelmed by the size of some of the larger albums. 

Today’s topic is “Wonder Woman” and if you’re anything like me then you physically ran to go see it as soon as it hit theaters. Between the costumes, directing, music, and Gal Gadot’s incredible performance I was glued to my seat clutching my popcorn for the entire film. For this score I chose my five favorite tracks which was a challenge. Rupert Gregson-Williams delivered nothing but the absolute best for this film.

1. “Amazons of Themyscira" 

The first song on my list happens to be the first song on the album titled “Amazons of Themyscira". 
Right off the bat you’re hit with those four famous chords as a nod to Wonder Woman’s incredible theme song, I don’t know about you but I got chills. This song perfectly encompasses the vast beauty of Themyscira along with the incredible strength and bravery of it’s inhabitants.

2. “Ludendorff, Enough!”

This next track is titled “Ludendorff, Enough!” and it is the perfect track for all of our villain fans out there. The track begins low and slow forming an eerie atmosphere around the listener. As the track continues the intensity builds, creating the chest rumbling bass that every music fan loves. There’s a surprising change of pace in the middle of this track that you won’t want to miss.

3. “No Man’s Land”

Much like the scene in which it is named after, my next track is an emotional journey. “No Man’s Land” is an absolute powerhouse of a song and is my favorite on the entire album. This track does an incredible job of showcasing Wonder Woman as a whole. It features all aspects of her personality from the awe-inspiring fearless hero all the way to the empathetic woman who is insistent on saving the world.

4. “Wonder Woman’s Wrath”

My next track is for anyone looking to upgrade the intensity of their gym playlist. “Wonder Woman’s Wrath” is a totally awesome kick butt song that can get anyone’s heart racing. 

5. “To Be Human”

The last track on my list is the final track on the album titled “To Be Human”. This song is by Grammy nominated Sia featuring Labrinth and its as great as expected. The duo creates a vocal dream team and the lyrics perfectly reflect the theme of love and humanity projected throughout the movie.

Check out the full soundtrack here https://lnk.to/wonderwomanBl and tweet at us your favorite tracks at @WaterTowerMusic
Until next time!
-Katie .L

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