Let Them All Talk (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Release Date: Friday December 18th, 2020
  1. Consciousness - Thomas Newman
  2. Waltz for Alice - Thomas Newman
  3. Park Place - Thomas Newman
  4. Poison - Thomas Newman
  5. Southampton Water - Thomas Newman
  6. Wander the Ship - Thomas Newman
  7. Unsuspecting Man - Thomas Newman
  8. Bronwyn Pugh - Thomas Newman
  9. Bees - Thomas Newman
  10. Night Sky - Thomas Newman
  11. Hardbound - Thomas Newman
  12. You Always - Thomas Newman
  13. Let Them All Talk - Thomas Newman

Let Them All Talk – Sdtk Credits

Music by Thomas Newman

(P) 2020 This compilation WaterTower Music as licensee for WarnerMedia Direct, LLC
Motion Picture Artwork © 2020 WarnerMedia Direct, LLC
Motion Picture Photography © 2020 WarnerMedia Direct, LLC
All rights reserved.
Published by Warner-Barham Music LLC (BMI)

Music by Thomas Newman
Music Composed and Produced by Thomas Newman
Music Composed and Conducted by Thomas Newman

Waltz for Alice
Park Place
Southampton Water
Wander the Ship
Unsuspecting Man
Bronwyn Pugh
Night Sky
You Always
Let Them All Talk

Music Composed by Thomas Newman
Produced by Thomas Newman and John Beasley
Recorded and Mixed by Tommy Vicari
Additional Recording by Shinnosuke Miyazawa
Arranged and Conducted by John Beasley
Featuring MONK’estra
Digital Audio: Larry Mah, Jeff Gartenbaum
Assistant Engineers: Rouble Kapoor, Tim Lauber, Damon Tedesco, Peter Nelson, Moises Garcia
Music Editor: Shinnosuke Miyazawa 

Music Contractor: Leslie Morris
Music Preparation: Reprise Music Services
Concertmaster: Charlie Bisharat
Music Recorded at United Recording and The Newman Scoring Stage, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed at The Village, West Los Angeles, CA

John Beasley appears courtesy of Mack Avenue Records

Thanks to: Gregory Jacobs, Michael Gorfaine, Sam Schwartz, Jamie Richardson, Isaac Baranowicz, Seth Lichtenstein, Cynthia Calley, Sophie Greaves

Special Thanks to: Steven Soderbergh


The Hollywood Studio Symphony (AFM)

Bob Sheppard
Kirsten Edkins
Tom Luer
Tom Peterson
Adam Schroeder

Francisco Torres
Ryan Dragon
Wendel Kelly
Ido Meshulam
Steve Hughes

Rashawn Ross
James Ford
Brian Swartz
Dan Fornero

John Beasley: Organ
Ben Shepherd: Upright Bass
Peter Erskine: Drums
Dan Greco: Mallets, Hand Percussion
George Doering: Guitar
Steve Tavaglione: Alto Flute, EWI 
Digital Audio: Larry Mah, Jeff Gartenbaum