The Little Things (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Release Date: Friday January 29th, 2021
  1. Chevy Nova - Thomas Newman
  2. Musica Latina - Thomas Newman
  3. Motion to Dismiss - Thomas Newman
  4. Meat Wagon - Thomas Newman
  5. Second Story Walkup - Thomas Newman
  6. Gentlemen's Club - Thomas Newman
  7. Hollywood Cross - Thomas Newman
  8. Shirley Temple To Go - Thomas Newman
  9. Buck Twenty - Thomas Newman
  10. Vacation Days - Thomas Newman
  11. St Agnes - Thomas Newman
  12. Wing Mirror - Thomas Newman
  13. Jack Abound - Thomas Newman
  14. La Loma Bridge - Thomas Newman
  15. Reverend Captain - Thomas Newman
  16. Mosman's - Thomas Newman
  17. New Disciple - Thomas Newman
  18. I Won't Bite - Thomas Newman
  19. Padlock - Thomas Newman
  20. Get Up - Thomas Newman
  21. Strong Box - Thomas Newman
  22. End of the World - Thomas Newman
  23. Red Barrette - Thomas Newman
  24. A Dead Girl Wakes - Thomas Newman
  25. Little Things - Thomas Newman

Music Composed by Thomas Newman
Produced by Thomas Newman
Recorded and Mixed by Shinnosuke Miyazawa
Executives in Charge of Music for Warner Bros. Pictures: PAUL BROUCEK and AMANDA NARKIS
Executive in Charge of WaterTower Music: JASON LINN  
Assistant Engineers: Jeff Gartenbaum, Moises Garcia
Digital Audio: Larry Mah
Orchestrations by Carl Johnson
Music Editor: Shinnosuke Miyazawa
Music Contractor: Leslie Morris
Music Preparation: Reprise Music Services
Album Mastered by Dave Collins at Dave Collins Mastering 
Music Business Affairs Executive: ARI TAITZ
Art Direction: SANDEEP SRIRAM 

(P) 2021 This compilation WaterTower Music as licensee for Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Motion Picture Artwork © 2021 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Motion Picture Photography © 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

Published by: Warner-Barham Music LLC (BMI) 

1. Chevy Nova
2. Musica Latina
3. Motion to Dismiss
4. Meat Wagon
5. Second Story Walkup
6. Gentlemen’s Club
7. Hollywood Cross
8. Shirley Temple To Go
9. Buck Twenty
10. Vacation Days
11. St Agnes
12. Wing Mirror
13. Jack Aboud
14. La Loma Bridge
15. Reverend Captain
16. Mosman’s
17. New Disciple
18. I Won’t Bite
19. Padlock
20. Get Up
21. Strong Box
22. End of the World
23. Red Barrette
24. A Dead Girl Wakes
25. Little Things

Thomas Newman Wishes To Thank:
Mark Johnson, Robert Frazen, Erica Frauman, Kevin McCormick, Michael Gorfaine, Sam Schwartz, Jamie Richardson,
Isaac Baranowicz, Cynthia Calley, Sophie Greaves, Wataru Hokoyama, Joel Iwataki, Chris Jackson, Gaby Zamora

Special Thanks To:
John Lee Hancock

Thanks to: 
Peter Axelrad, Maria Belli, Rocco Carrozza, Wendy Dang, Vincenzo De La Rosa, Joe Kara, Katie Lambert, Genevieve Morris, Amanda Stimac 

Steve Tavaglione:
Bowed Saw, EWI, Stretched Voice, Bansuri, Carom Rhythms, High Clarinet Harmonics, Reverse Pulse

George Doering:
Electric Guitar, Swipe Rhythms, Octave Mandolin, Mandocello,
Rubbed and Struck Metals, Reverse Wands

Rick Cox:
Looped Piano, Samsara, Wormhole, Processed Bends

Thomas Newman:
Quartz Bowl, Struck Metal Bowls, Reverse Pianos